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Caroline Power

Born and raised in Louisiana Caroline Power is an avid diver, underwater photographer and conservationist. Her passion for the water was ingrained in her from an early age. She learned to swim before she could walk and was gifted her first underwater camera at the age of 14. She strives to show people not just the pretty, remarkable, and stunning life found in marine ecosystems but also the dangers it faces. Colorful coral landscapes elegant whales, vibrant tropical fish. Those are the images people want to see. The reality is most of those subjects are under threat. Many are silently disappearing. By photographing the destruction humanity has unleashed on the ocean she hopes to invoke emotion stirs passion and inspire change. For the last several years, her focus has been highlighting the global ocean plastic crisis. Caroline has been based on the island of Roatan, Honduras for the last decade where she works with several NGOs in the region on coral reef and marine conservation. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and documentaries including those by Planeta, Le Parisien, BBC, and National Geographic as well as in exhibitions in Europe and South America.

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